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The Doctors Office of the Future Right in your living room

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FHIOS Health delivers state of the art disease screening and early detection.  

Our Health Screening protocols are specifically designed to target the "Top 10" Disease Conditions which account for over 80% all Individual Chronic and Terminal Illness.

The Health Story of You

Complete your FHIOS Health Story screening appointment from the comfort of your own home or office.

An old adage in medicine is -  “If you listen to your patient long enough eventually, they will tell you what is wrong with them.”


The art of health history taking guides the nature and direction of early diagnosis, intervention, treatment and prevention.


Embark upon your personal health journey in comfort and convenience, and let our health professionals come to you for a change.

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FHIOS Health Screening

FHIOS Health Screening

Health Story
Health History
Adv Imaging
& Rendering
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Individual Analysis Through AI

Physician Consult

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Precision Physician Review &

Recommendations on All Findings

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Returning to the family practice of old. Spend a full 60 minutes with your dedicated FHIOS precision physician reviewing all findings, next steps and designing your custom health plan for the coming year.

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This approach allows doctors and researchers to accurately treat and have strategies tailored to you as a singular patient. This contrasts with the “one-size-fits-all” approach and traditional models we see practiced today.

Future Planning

Using our forward-facing App we offer a Personal Health System for prevention through customized healthy behavioral recommendations.  Providing our members with a content rich interactive platform helps FHIOS to offer a unique health education resource and to achieve the goal of positive behavioral change over time.

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Continued Annual Screening & Year Round Engagement

Futur Planning
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