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Precision Genomics

Our genome contains 3 billion base pairs of information, that's the equivalent of reading 1 million books. 

FHIOS Geneticists have yielded research around the human genome and developed a gene specific sequencing panel that covers ~1,000 risk genes associated with the Top 10 disease conditions.


FHIOS has now generated larger Genomic panels than any that currently exist. In Example, The largest panel that exists for heart disease covers only ~250 genes. With our extensive research we have added 50 more disease risk genes, giving our panel over 300 cardiac related disease genes. This is the case with all the diseases we currently cover.


Using this analysis, we are able to narrow down a small group of genes that constitute a ‘common gene signature’ that is shared between three or more of these diseases. This has directed our educational insights to high frequency gene variants. This is the cornerstone of our risk scoring methodology and data engine.

FHIOS is utilizing our advanced AI technology systems to synthesize these large amounts of data points collected to unlock the powerful potential of personal data for clinicians to understand and utilize in their patients’ health, resulting in a truly precise administration of treatment protocols. The FHIOS AI Engine combined with our Genomics Protocols also picks up on unknown or understudied connections between healthcare variables and accounts for these influences while developing a risk score and treatment plan. This allows FHIOS AI to be able to predict disease risk so that interventions and behavioral change can take place prior to their progression to a more chronic form. 

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