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To achieve the maximum benefits of your HEALTH STORY screening, The FHIOS Platform will leverage FHIOS Predictus, our proprietary artificial intelligence data engine, to continually analyze and update your secure precision health data set.


FHIOS Predictus allows for the comprehensive use of data points from each of our different health screening protocols as well as daily behaviors to create a dynamic health plan for our members and physicians over time. 


Modifiable unhealthy behaviors lead to most early disease conditions in the U.S. annually. Using our FHIOS Virtual forward-facing platform, and FHIOS Life  real world health environments; we offer a Personal Health System for prevention through customized healthy behavioral recommendation and implementation.  Providing our members with a content rich interactive platform and premiere access to real world health environments helps FHIOS to offer a unique health resource; and to help our members achieve the goal of positive healthy lifestyle behavior over time.

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