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FHIOS Health provides the option to consult with physicians securely through the app. Users can video chat with physicians for 15 - 60-minute periods whenever necessary. Thanks to the secure communication within the app, more instantaneous conversation between members and physicians will take place. This feature aims to reduce the gap between doctors’ appointments to create a more fluid health narrative and picture of the member’s health. 


This feature also aims to ensure the patient fully understands their health. In general, doctors have a limited amount of time with each patient per day, on average 4-6 minutes. As a result, patients often to not understand their diagnosis and feel powerless. With 15-60-minute slots through telehealth, we hope that our members fully understand their own health and have all questions answered. This ultimately provides our members more control of their own health treatment.

In addition to the initial 60-Minute baseline consultation, all FHIOS members will have the ability to reach their FHIOS Precision Physician for additional Telehealth consults using the Secure Video and Messaging feature within the FHIOS Health App.

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