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Executive Team
Dr. Uzochi Erlingsson

Uzochi Erlingsson, M.D is a published MD scientist, an NIH grant recipient and an experienced clinical researcher in medicine with a focus on Biochemical Genetics (Inborn Errors of Metabolism). A medical doctor by vocation, she has since adopted early stage investment. Currently she is the Founding partner of Haegrun Holdings where she is an accomplished executive and business analyst within the healthcare and wellness sector.

Founding Partner | CEO


Dr. Erik Erlingsson

Founding Partner | Chief Science Officer


Erik Erlingsson MD, MS, MPH is a physician scientist with a Public Health Policy background, environmental health, infectious disease epidemiology, and global systems science. He has a background in higher education instruction both at the University of Utah School of Family and Prevention Medicine as well as at Harvard Medical School Department of Community Engagement. Dr. Erlingsson has expertise working in both public and private partnerships for inner city and rural health initiatives, as well as with global health programs.  


Dr. Marianne Lindahl-Allen

Director of Cellular and Molecular Medicine


Marianne got her PhD in Biomedicine from King’s College London, UK. She completed a postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard Medical School, where she published numerous papers in high impact peer reviewed journals. Marianne is an experienced Research Specialist with expertise in Epigenetics, Molecular Biology, Life Sciences, and Genetics.


Chris Poulin

Founding Partner | Predictus AI


Chris is a senior Technologist and Data Scientist. He specializes in artificial intelligence and predictive analytics. Founder and Principal Partner, Patterns and Predictions - PREDICTUS. Former Co-Director, Dartmouth Meta-learning Working Group. Former AI Instructor U.S. Naval War College.

Sophia Binder

Genomic Research Specialist


Sophia Binder graduated from the University of San Diego in the spring of 2020. During her time at the university she majored in Biology with a minor in Chemistry. She was a member of the Medical Brigades club which sparked her interest in public health after traveling to Ghana and helping to administer minor treatments and educate people on healthcare practices.

David E. Quinney III

Founding Partner | Chief Operating Officer


David Quinney is an entrepreneur and investor with a focus in entertainment, capital deployment, health and technology. Founder and COO of Precision Health Technology Holdings and Founder and Managing Partner of Fanology Capital and DAVSHAR Holdings as well as a founding LP in several early stage funds.

Monica Padilla

Founding Partner | General Council

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Monica practices law throughout the state of California and has  practiced with some of the largest law firms in the world, dedicated to entertainment, corporate law and civil litigation. Monica also represents and advises athletes, artists, celebrities, corporations, small businesses and entertainment management companies  

Jeff Nelson

Founding Partner | Creative Director

IMG_3346 4.jpg

Jeff is a multidisciplinary Graphic Designer, entrepreneur and Creative Director that’s passionate about building brand identities that last. His use of conceptual thinking and technical design skills have allowed him to partner with multiple businesses while running his own design firm that specializes in product design, packaging, marketing and web design.

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