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Health Facilities

Fitness +

The Health Facilities option in Fitness+ allows users to find local exercise classes in their area and connect with their wellness community. Users can search for classes in their desired area to find a local studio, such as yoga, spinning, or boxing. Not only does the app show locations of resources, but it has the option to discover groups of people in the near vicinity with the same exercise goals or similar routines. The Health Facilities tab also shows classes at discounted rates to make one’s fitness journey more fiscally attainable. Local wellness events are listed as well as a way to get more involved in the local health community and find new resources for improvement of health. 

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By putting various health and wellness resources in one place, we hope to make the fitness journey easier and more fun. The mission is to minimize deterrents to wellness that are often daunting to individuals. With all the features in the same place we hope that local communities can form and encourage each other to maintain and achieve their goals.

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